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Why batch writing your blog posts doesn’t work


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How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

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Batch writing blog posts

Imagine being able to hit publish on a new juicy blog post every single week, without missing a beat

Imagine having a bank of content pre-written so that you never have to send half hearted newsletters anymore

Imagine never losing touch with your audience because you have blog posts ready to go even when life comes in the way of your business.

Ooooh the possibilities. What would you do with all that free time!

The truth is that this could totally be a reality when you use the process of batch writing blog posts.

How does batch writing blog posts work?

Batch writing blog posts can help you have a constant stream of content ready to go and save you precious hours of fire fighting and the insanity of writer’s block. Batch-writing your content means that

  • you reduce the stress of having to write blog posts at the last moment
  • you have a consistent schedule of content and as you know consistency is the ONLY ingredient for success
  • you have time to actually get more done in your business. Things like that website redesign you wanted to do forever or run that high touch mastermind your clients have been craving for.

Doesn’t Batch writing seem to be the holy grail of content creation? Then why is it that, not a lot of business owners take advantage of this magic productivity tool? Here’s why.

Most people have got the batch-writing process completely wrong. Every time I see someone talk about batch writing I see statements like “I just want to batch write and schedule my blog posts for the next year” or “oh, if I could I would batch-write everything from blog posts to newsletters and my Facebook posts in one day”.

That doesn’t work. At all. And here are two reasons why.

a) Business today is so dynamic and it changes month to month so what you write about today might not hold true 6 months down the line. More importantly, because you are growing and evolving every day you may change your opinion on certain things as well.

b) You will lose focus on a strategy. Blogging for your business needs to be aligned to your business strategy. It’s difficult to predict your strategy for 6 months down the line. For example, if three months from now you decide to launch an e-course your blog content should be tailored to that launch and you will waste too much time going back and correcting or editing the posts you wrote way ahead of time.

Here is my disclaimer, batch- writing a year worth of blog content can totally work for some people especially if they launch just 1-2 major products through the year and have a niche which they have pretty much nailed down.

But if you are not there yet, here’s a different approach.

A Batch-writing process that works aka batching is not just for cookies

First, plan your content strategy for the next 90 days. Figure out your launches, your digital products, your workshops/events etc and plan your content around that. So that not only is your blog giving value to your readers but also helping you get organic sales.

In a 90 Day content strategy, you can map out the content pieces for the next 90 days with titles, call to action and goals planned in a structured way.

Now, let’s look at a batching process that can actually work for you. First off, batching doesn’t mean writing 10 blog posts at one go, it actually means that you batch similar tasks because it makes it easier for the brain to focus on similar tasks at one time.

Even better, why not make your batching process a content creation retreat? You can do that in just 5 simple steps.

5 Steps to create your own content creation retreat

Step 1 : Take your 90 Day Content plan and look at the posts that you need for Month 1. Depending on your publishing schedule this could be anywhere between 2 to 8. Now schedule 3 hours for 4 days in the first week of month 1 for your content creation process. Don’t forget to stock on coffee and cookies!

Step 2 : Day 1. Look at your content topics and do all the research that you might need for your blog posts. Example, facts, figures, quotes etc. and save them in an evernote or other note taking app you use. If you want to speed up this process, then use content curation tools which will help you access articles, infographics, social media posts etc relevant to your niche.

Step 3: Day 2. I hope you have done all your research on Day 1 because today you will be writing and just writing. Switch off all distractions, put your browser on the lockdown and get writing. The initial draft of your post needs to be crazy, full of grammar mistakes, typos, no structure etc. Okay, it’s not a must but the fact is if you are free writing without getting into perfectionism mode, that is how your blog post would look like. This needs to be a day of no distractions. No social media platforms or jumping on google to research something, just a whole lot of writing. Get all the ideas out of your head and onto your laptop.

Step 4 : Day 3. This is the day for clean up. Go back to your drafts and start editing. Give structure to your blog posts with a clear opening, headings, sub heading etc. Is it all arranged in a logical sensible manner? Does the main content deliver on what you promise in the headlines? Look for grammar errors, typos and correct those. Make sure copy doesn’t have any fluffy or flowery language, filler words and is free of any cliched or jargon words. Finally make sure you have set your post up for SEO properly. If needed, you can tweak your headline(s) now.

Step 5: Day 4: Wow, congrats you have reached the final day of your content creation. Today you will add images to your post and if you have any content upgrades to add, those too. This is also the day to write your introduction to the blog post for your newsletters and social media posts copy. And now, you can start scheduling in the content! Woo hoo!

You can rinse and repeat this method on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on your publishing schedule and your launches. Since you are not approaching any blog post with a blank slate, you will never waste your time.

To help you get this process right for your content creation, I have created a nifty checklist that you can use as your guide for the batch writing process and creating your own content creation retreat. Enter your email in the box below to get it delivered to you straight in your inbox.

Go batch like a boss now!

Get the checklist that makes batch writing work for you

No more facing the white screen of death.

Create and schedule your blog posts in advance.

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Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

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