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TFC 004: 10 Cringeworthy Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid With Jay Crisp Crow


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10 Cringeworthy Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

Copywriting and content marketing are a match made in heaven. But erroneously, copy and content are often used interchangeably. They are both equally important to the success of your online marketing success but they have very distinct roles with your marketing strategy.

With content marketing your aim is to provide value to your ideal customers. You’re trying to educate them, provide solutions and help them make choices. Example your blog posts, optins, emails etc.

Copywriting is your secret weapon when you need to move your audience further into their customer journey and take action as they consume your content. Copywriting helps you do this by creating compelling call to actions, engaging headlines, converting landing pages and brand building storytelling.

Yes copy is content but the reverse is not always true. However, that said copy can be the difference between a customer clicking that buy now button or the close window one. This week’s guest will help you ensure that your customers click the right buttons.


I am in conversation with Jay Crisp Crow from Crisp Copy. Jay is a copywriting queen who has spent 13 years sharpening her creative claws in various corporate communication and marketing roles before investing in herself and taking her own gig on the road. She is definitely an advocate for the business blend and uses intuition, sharpened empathy, and a seriously high level of stalking to refine your brand voice.

Jay is also my not-so-secret copy crush and Crisp copy is the stuff business dreams are made of. Total fangirl here!


1. Jay’s founder story about how she has combined her love for writing and musical theatre in her business.

2. Hemingway said write drunk, edit sober. What’s Jay’s writing philosophy.

3. How to start writing your own copy even if you strongly believe that you suck at it.

4. Why you should not use a punctuation to do a word’s job!

5. 10 Cringeworthy copywriting mistakes you should avoid


10 Cringeworthy copywriting mistakes to avoid

1. Passionate

Passionate literally means zealous, intense, fiery, feverish, vigorous, fanatical, frenzied, violent, raging and uncontrollable. It doesn’t connect in the context that most people use it. Example, a passionate accountant. Really? Who wants to work with a fiery, feverish, raging accountant. The other reason is that the word is so overused that it just doesn’t make an impact.

So instead of saying I am passionate about my business, a better way would be to say, “I wake every morning, I am locked and loaded, I am jumping out of skin excited to write for you, it’s not a hobby, it’s not an in-between job  and it’s my favorite thing to do for a career.

2. That

Or rather any filler words. People should write with abandon and edit mercilessly. Remove adverbs like totally, actually, really, suddenly because they are often used unnecessarily.

3. Actually

It’s a bit condescending because you are trying to suggest something assuming that the readers doesn’t know the answer. It can sound belittling.

4. Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a verb and quite an American word. But a lot of people who are not serving American clients are using it as a state of being and what that says about them is that they are following a trend rather than being themselves.

5. We

Rather an unobtrusive word to have issues with. But a lot of people who are just starting out and are solopreneurs end up saying “We” which is dishonest and also customer-repeling. In the online space, customers are actually looking forward to buy from an “I” because they want to know where the bucks stops and who the person is behind the business.

6. Inspirational

It is such a bland word and should be banned from the english language. There are far better words like embolden, exhilarate, spark which can be used instead of inspirational.  Think about what you really want to say. If you want to attribute your inspiration to someone you should say, “they make me feel worthy, seen, challenged or stretched”.

7. Just and sorry

These are definitely used more by women than men. Just is often used as a qualifier, “just a coach”, “just checking in”, undercut assertive expression and reveal a lack of confidence. Sorry is mostly used as a filler, in order to seem not too aggressive. Both erode trust in your skills.

8. Overfamiliar words

Bruh, honey, love, sweeties, ladies etc. This kind of copy works on social media but on website it looks very overfamiliar and can make some customers take a step back.

9. And then

Or saying then this happened because it feels like you are one step removed from the situation. Take us in the situation instead of telling us what happened. Like Mark Twain said, “don’t say the old lady screamed, bring her on and let her scream”.

10. Anything preneur

Unless you and your clients are entrepreneurs, don’t use the words preneurs.

Are you committing any of these copy mistakes? Let us know if this episode helped you fix them!










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Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

Spam is ugly! We believe in privacy!