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What’s inside? 

A Checklist, Tracker, Planner and more to keep your

Content on point. 

  • Use the toolkit to map, plan and create Content that your audience will love and share.
  • Will help you stay cohesive and on-brand when it comes to your voice and your message.
  • Will enable you to develop smart, consistent and profitable content marketing habits.

Inside the toolkit you will find 

  • A Content Strategy Planner – A 4 page plan to document everything related to your content marketing at one place.
  • A Content Messaging Canvas – Keep your brand’s message front and center so that you never lose your focus from what you stand for.
  • A Content Stylesheet- Every piece of content you create will be consistent in its style and tone.
  • A Content Process template – Whether you are creating a blog post, a podcast episode, a video or a webinar, this template will help you break it down so you don’t miss anything.
  • A Content Habits Monthly tracker- Want to blog every week or do Facebook lives every day? Make it a habit and track it.
  • A Content Promotion Checklist- Creation is worthless unless you promote the content. This will make it a no-brainer for you.
Create Content Fearlessly

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I felt like I understood the role of content strategy in my business but when I started working with Swapna, her practical, deep expertise blew me away

Katie Wyatt, Business Strategist and Podcast host, Empire by Design