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8 Must Join Facebook Groups For The Girl Boss


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You have to be living under a rock if you don’t know that Facebook Groups have become one of the best ways to connect, engage and nurture your ideal clients while marketing your business. In fact, ever since I started my business last year, I have built it through networking in Facebook groups and till recently 90% of my clients have first connected with me in a Facebook Group  (not even owned by me) before working with me.

Facebook Groups For Women Entrepreneurs

In short, if you are still under a year in your business and building your client base, not using Facebook Groups as part of your marketing strategy might mean leaving a lot of money on the table. Not convinced yet? Here are 3 reasons why Facebook Groups can supercharge your business.

  1. They are free. Unlike Facebook pages, increasing your reach in FB groups doesn’t require you to spend any money. You can establish your authority, strengthen your positioning and increase your client base without spending a ton of money on branding, website, FB ads, pro photographs etc.

     2. They are fun. Running a business is hard and isolating. Being in a community with a lot of similar like minded people can definitely ease the pressure and give you a feeling of hanging out a club, only the club is virtual and instead of dancing there is a lot of motivation and encouragement going on.

     3. They get fast results. While a lot of online marketing strategies take time to show the impact, engaging in FB groups can lead to fast results because you quickly build the know,like and trust factor and that attracts your ideal clients.



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But all groups are certainly not created equal. There are an overwhelming majority of groups on Facebook and some with thousands of members. However, I have found that many are just either a total spam fest or a silent graveyard with zero engagement. Finding quality facebook groups where you can learn, share and get real life connection is almost as rare as spotting a Vaporeon (FYI, an extremely rare Pokemon)

But every girl boss needs and deserves to find her like-minded peeps and this is why I have compiled a list of some of my favorite Facebook Groups where not just the engagement is amazing but the amount of value that is shared and the helpful nature of the community is mindblowing. In no particular order, here are the

8 Best Facebook Groups Every Girl Boss Must Join

1. Fearless Creators Club


Hosted by yours truly, this is probably the smallest and the newest group on the list but I am trying to break out of the box when it comes to facebook groups. It’s a community for online bravehearts who want to make a big impact with their message and stand above the noise with their fabulous content.

Inside Tip : Every Tuesday and Thursday, is the Creators Class day in the group when members are encouraged to do a short Facebook Live on their expertise and share any tips. Good for positioning, visibility and refining your message! 

Join Fearless Creators Club here.

2. Heart Centered Soul Driven Entrepreneurs 

How to engage in Facebook Groups

At 13000+ peeps it’s one of the biggest groups in this list but it’s also very active and involved. It’s geared towards creative entrepreneurs who are running a business with heart and soul. The group founder Natasha Corbin ensures that the group is really engaging, not-spammy and fun.

Inside Tip : Every once in a while there’s a dance video day when Tash gives a song prompt and everyone creates a short dance video for the song and then finally it’s all edited and collated to create a fun dance video. It truly helps to tap into the fun side of business and bring joy and happiness to the idea of networking.

Join Heart Centred Soul Driven Entrepreneurs Here 

3. Freedom Hackers’ Mastermind

With almost 30,000 members Freedom Hackers’ is the largest group on this list and no wonder why. It’s full of golden nuggets of information, whether it is tech help, client advice, mindset tips or even humour, this group never fails to deliver. Kimra Luna started this group for all online entrepreneurs who want to build their business and live their life in accordance to their free spirit.

Inside Tip : Kimra runs a Friday Mixer every week, where anyone who needs a service or is looking for guests for podcasts and interviews etc. can post their requirements and others can pitch their service or profile for the same. 

Join Freedom Hackers’ Mastermind Here

4. Blog + Biz BFFs

Best Facebook Groups For Women Entrepreneurs

Again a really big group with almost 17000 members but it’s also home to some of the most supportive and helpful community on the internet. Melyssa Griffin has created this group for bloggers who want to monetize their blogs and entrepreneurs who want to use their blogs to expand their reach.

Inside Tip : Every sunday is share the love day where members are encouraged to share someone else’s post, product or website. It’s a great way to put the spotlight on others and share great references as well. 

Join Blog +Biz BFFs Here

5.  Thriving Entrepreneur Circle 

This group is for determined, passionate, service driven entrepreneurs ready to share, connect, expand and thrive with a side dose of creativity, colour and curiosity! Shannon Bush, the curator of the group truly embody the power of creativity in business and she believes that we should not compete, instead we should cheer for others. I am on board with that attitude for sure!

Inside Tip : Marketing is what Monday is all about in this group and you can get some amazing ideas to market your small business from all the members every week. 

Join Thriving Entrepreneur Circle Here

6. 60 Second Persuasion 


I love everything Bushra does and her persuasion techniques have truly helped my business. Her group is a treasure trove of ideas and tips to improve your persuasion skills. Bushra constantly does group only trainings and keep the group highly engaged with her videos.

Inside Tip : One of the only groups out there which actively supports promotion because the group is all about sharpening your pitch. It’s also one of the only groups that doesn’t have constant spam despite having an open promo policy. 

Join 60 Second Persuasion here 

7. Podcaster Posse -For Passionate Podcasting Entrepreneurs 


Katie Wyatt is my podcast mentor and she is also known affectionately as ‘podmama’. She has started this group for podcasters who want to increase the traffic and engagement for their podcasts and grow their business using podcasting.

Inside Tip : Katie does monthly challenges in the group with one specific goal which helps you grow your podcast. 

Join Podcaster Posse

8. Being Boss 

Last but definitely not the least by any means is Being Boss. It’s a group that I have recently joined so I am still finding my way in here but it looks like an amazing space for any boss lady. Being Boss was originally created by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson for the listeners of their very popular podcast, Being Boss.

Join Being Boss Here

Facebook Groups can definitely be a bit of a hit and miss and ensuring that your presence and time spent actually yields results is also something to be mindful of. My tip is not to join Facebook groups out of fear of missing out but for actual value and connection. I engaged in 10-12 Facebook groups consistently (even before I had my own Facebook group) and that led to me creating a sustainable income in my business.

In fact, I have a training which shares all my strategies, ideas and experiences of building an amazing online presence through Facebook Groups in a visibility masterclass.

In this masterclass I spill the secrets of  how I :

✔︎ Created a global business despite living in a country whose currency, time zone and even accent is at odds with most of the other countries.

✔︎ Networked ‪#‎likeaboss‬ and got major visibility even though I am an EXTREME INTROVERT.

✔︎ Built strong and beneficial relationships among peers with ZERO online connections.

✔︎ Created a successful online business in less than a year only through FB groups with $0 as my marketing budget.

There are no ninja secrets here but clear and absolutely repeatable steps and structures that anyone can adapt to their business and personality. If I can do it, you can do it. Check out the visibility masterclass here.

What are your favorite groups to hang out in? Let me know in the comments. 



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Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

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