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Top 10 Opt- In Gifts : Irresistible Freebies Your Ideal Clients Will Love


Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

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Opt-In Gifts

Building your email list is the #1 way to grow your online business. And irresistible opt-in gifts are among the best ways to build your email list. Let me explain the idea behind opt-in gifts with a shopping analogy.

Imagine you walk into a store, you are just window shopping. You like the ambience, the products are interesting and seem like a great fit to your style. You start browsing more intently, even thinking of adding some items from the store to your shopping list next month.

Then, a polite shop assistant comes to you and asks you if you would like a gift bag with some goodies that they feel you would enjoy using. You say, “why, thank you, I would love that” and take your pretty gift bag. Now correct me if I am wrong, even though you might walk out of the store without buying anything but the next time you are ready to buy something, you know where you are going.

That’s exactly how Opt-in gifts work. They help your ideal clients know that you have something valuable to offer even when they haven’t bought anything. Your opt-in gifts are the first step in converting your ideal readers into potential buyers. The first step in moving their mental needle on the Know, like and trust meter. 

Here’s the thing though. Most people think that because opt-in gifts are freebies, they can get away with putting anything in there. Not on my watch! Because when your audience receives your opt-in gifts they are giving you something extremely valuable in return. A direct invitation into their inboxes, which is akin to the map to King Solomon’s mines in my opinion. So don’t be that dudette who puts junk into their freebies.

 Your opt-in gifts should be almost as good and useful as any of your entry level products.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s talk about the top 10 opt in gift ideas that you can create for your ideal audience in a day without hiring an army of virtual assistants. What’s better I have curated examples of each of these to show them in action.

1. PDF e books

I know they are everywhere but there’s a reason for that. They work! Choose a headline that generates curiosity and conveys value to your ideal audience, put your best stuff in the pdf and an awesomesauce opt-in gift is ready. In my experience, an ebook which is anywhere between 10-20 pages is best. Trust me, you don’t want to create a 100 page ebook which no one will ever finish.

Catch it in action : The Blog + Biz ebook from Leonie Dawson

2. A mini e-course

What better way to establish your expertise than create a mini course which showcases your message, methods and skills. A mini e-course is a great sampler of your work and will boost your credibility with your audience.

Catch it in action : 14 Day Conquer Course by She Takes On The World 

3. Cheatsheets

Who doesn’t like shortcuts? Giving easy ways and hacks around anything in life or business is always a winner! So create a single page cheatsheet that makes something, anything easy for your peeps.

Catch it in action : Cheat sheet for writing viral blog posts from Smart Blogger

4. Video series

Break down your big idea into small videos and create an auto responder opt-in so that the peeps who opt-in get the videos daily for a set number of days. Hot tip : Take an epic blog post that you did in the past and break it down into 3-5 parts and create videos around it. You can also take your webinar recording and edit or re-record it to repurpose it as videos.

Catch it in action : Manifesting Formula Optin from Lucky Bitch

5. Printables

Printables are so much fun! Motivational messages, quotes, to-do lists etc. can be made into printables that your peeps would love to download and actually use. These work really well for photographers, designers, brand experts etc.

Catch it in action : Printable Quotes from BlissInventive 

6. Checklists

If you are a type-A like me then you know how fun it is to check things off a list. Confession, sometimes I complete a bunch of tasks and then go back to write them in a list just to have the satisfaction of checking them off. Take steps to doing something and convert it into a checklist. Bam, a super awesome opt-in is ready!

Catch it in action : How to cheat at writing checklist from KrisEmery

7. Toolkit

Got some tools in your kitty you can’t live without? Share the love with your peeps. Whether 5 or 10 just list those tools out and create a pdf with links to those tools. Because you know they will make your tribe’s life easier, they will love you back for sharing these awesome resources.

Catch it in action : The ContentKit by Yours Truly

8. Challenge

Entrepreneurs love challenges so leverage on that. A challenge that has actionable tasks for each day and also gets them instant results, work best. A caveat here would be against creating challenges that are super long like 20 days or 30 days. Most people drop out of such challenges and never get the results they would from completing the challenge which means they never get to see how awesome your work truly is.

Catch it in action : The 7 Day Fast Money Challenge by Tash Corbin

9. Free chapter, module or video from your paid products

If you have a paid e-book, e-course or program, give away a part of it as an opt-in freebie. Not only does it get people to sign up but if they like the preview, they will most probably end up buying the paid product. Win-win!

Catch it in action : The best of Ramit’s NY Times best seller from I Will Teach You To Be Rich

10. Digital workbooks/worksheets

If your audience are action-takers they will love these! Journaling prompts, reflective questions, brainstorming ideas anything that will make your people start writing. The kind of insights people get while working through these workbooks will make them write love notes to you and convert them into buyers.

Catch it in action : 20 Questions to ask before launching your idea workbook from the story of telling

See easy peasy! Even if you created one opt-in a month you will grow your list by leaps and bounds. Let me know in the comments if this list sparked any ideas for your brand new opt-ins.

p.s. If you are ready to work on your new opt-in or want to explore webinars to build your list or focus more on your content, you might want to book in a GENIUS HOUR with me and let your brilliance come forth.

  1. Linda Ursin says:

    Both of the freebies I have right now are printables 🙂

    1. Swapna says:

      That’s great Linda!

  2. Melanie says:

    I love this post, and the way you give great examples of each idea. Thank you!

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Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

Spam is ugly! We believe in privacy!