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TFC 006: Sales Funnels For Coaches : 5 Myths That Cost You Clients


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Sales Funnels For Coaches

Sales Funnels For Coaches : 5 Myths That Cost You Clients

A lot of times when I talk about sales funnels for coaches or marketing automations, three things happen.

  1. They immediately start feeling out of depth
  2. They cringe at the thought of adding salesy, spammy marketing systems and
  3. They dismiss that a funnel is right for their coaching business because of the many myths and lies around sales funnels.

sales funnels for coaches

I have already talked about why your coaching business needs a sales funnel. And today I am talking about why believing in the 5 myths around funnels is actually costing you coaching clients right now.

Yes, you are just “debunking 5 sales funnel myths” away from attracting clients and cash in your coaching business on an autopilot. 

Myth 1 : Sales funnels are fancy and super complicated

Yes, they totally can be complicated and matrix like, if you want them to be!

However, sales funnels for coaches can actually be really simple, intuitive and dare I say, fun! Just a few steps of strategic content that helps you book more clients and create predictable income.

The best funnels aren’t always the most complicated ones, they are the ones that move your customer’s mental needle towards a ‘yes’. Because our goal is to convert. Readers into subscribers and browsers into buyers. 

Myth 2 : Sales Funnels are expensive and take a whole team to set up 

Not at all. Two inexpensive tools and a couple of free tools helped me create my funnel. It took me an hour of planning, a weekend of creating content and less than 4 hours of technical set up. Yes, that’s all.

There might be a bit of a learning curve but that’s why it’s a good idea to work with someone who will not just help you build your first funnel but show each step of it to you, so that you can replicate the process next time.

Myth 3 : Funnels are for sleazy marketers not for soulful, purpose based coaches

Honestly, your funnels are just an extension of you.

If you are a coach, craving to make a difference to her client’s life or business, create an indelible impact in the world, ready stand up for her message and break the myths and fallacies abound in your niche, then that’s what your funnel will do.

Sales funnels for coaches can teach, inform, serve, increase loyalty, help in decision making and yes, sell.

A funnel is just like money, having it doesn’t change who you are, it just amplifies it. 

Myth 4 : Sales Funnels for coaches shove emails down people’s throats whether they want it or not

Yeah, the bad funnels do that, true. However, that’s not the kind of funnel we want to create.

Our funnel is more like a customer journey where you nurture each prospective client to a place where they are informed about your work, excited about the possibilities and ready to make a change.

Whether they buy your offer or not, they would have created a relationship with you which you can keep building upon in the future with your content and social media presence.

Myth 5 : A funnel can fix everything 

I am not sure how many people actually believe in this myth because it’s a universal truth that there are no quick fixes in life (and in marketing). A funnel, however strategic, cannot fix a bad offer or convert clients from a sales page with crappy copy.

This is why in Level Up, I co-create a sales funnel with you using both a bottoms-up and top-down approach. We first get super clear about your message and ideal clients and with that in perspective, we look at your main offer and when it all feels aligned then we create a funnel using a freebie aligned to your offer and a traffic strategy. 

While I am a big fan of DIY, funnels are something that need you to retain a macro view of your business and not be too much “in your business”.

Working with a marketing consultant like me to co-create your funnel will give you an objective view of what works and what doesn’t, while keeping your integrity and authenticity intact.

Ready to plan your own sales funnel? Download the free sales funnel planner and get started immediately!


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How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

Spam is ugly! We believe in privacy!