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TFC 007: The 1 Thing You Need To Know Before Creating A Sales Funnel


Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

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We have been on a funnel spree!! We have already talked about why your coaching business needs a sales funnel and also busted some myths about sales funnels for coaches.

At this point you are actually looking forward to start creating your first funnel. At least that’s what I hope!

So what’s the first thing you need to think about when mapping out your funnel?

Whatcha goin’ to sell, right?

Wrong!  Sorry to burst the bubble but as your marketing wingwoman I HAVE to do this!

You need to know before creating a funnel

The first thing you need to get super, ultra, crystal kinda clear on is your Ideal Clients.

Yup, those amazing, beautiful humans we are trying to build a relationship with. Crafting a customer journey that gives them a ton of value in the form of content, offer some fabulous products or services and makes you some sweet sweet income!

But why should they hand over their money to you if you haven’t spent any time in understanding them? To be honest, marketers often forget that while using automations in their business is good, it’s humans who are experiencing their marketing systems and sales funnels.

If you are not taking the time to know their dreams, desires, dreads, fears and goals then your funnel is like those automated and annoying customer service messages you receive at all odd hours. So what should you do?

Know your ideal client.

Cheesy as it may sound. You have to do this. Study them. Interview them. Follow their social media profiles. Find out the places where they socialise online or offline.

Who or what makes them laugh, motivated or take a stand.

When I work with my clients, we deep dive into the ideal clients’ profile together because it’s the foundation on which you can build a solid funnel.

But to get you started on this journey, answer the following five questions about your ideal clients and start creating a funnel that not only works but delights!

1. On a scale of 0-10 how aware is your ideal client about your industry, niche, products and its benefits?

Depending on how aware your client is about the problem that they are facing and the solution you are providing, you can decide the kind of products/services that will serve them best and also the kind of content that will move them further along the awareness scale.

Example, if you are a body positivity coach and your clients are not really aware about the concept of body positivity or how it can change their relationship with their body, and they are still solely focused on weight loss, you need to meet them halfway. You could create a blog post about the #1 secret about weight loss that no-one talks about, attract your clients through it, then educate them to increase their awareness levels about the body positivity movement. Once their awareness level has gone up you can share content to help them start falling in love with their body as it is right now.

2. On a scale of 0-10 how interested is your ideal client in seeking and using the solution you provide for their problems and challenges? 

Often your client might already be aware of the problem and the benefits of your offer, but they are not convinced that their problem can be solved by you or there is no real urgency.

At this point, instead of sending them content that agitates the problem or talks about your offer, you need to start talking about why this is the right time for them to take an action, paint a picture of how their life will change once they take that next step and motivate them to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Example, if you are a money coach, your clients might already be aware about limiting beliefs and money blocks but they are not sure whether it’s an urgent enough problem or that your products and services can actually help them. Use content like quizzes and case studies which showcase how your clients got fast results from working with you and how it changed their life completely. 

 3. How much time does your ideal client have to consume content or learn?

Depending on whether your clients are working or non-working, are in corporate or entrepreneurs, are single women or mums, you need to assess how much time they have to consume the content you create in a funnel for them. You also need to account for the best times to reach them.

Example, if your clients are breastfeeding mums, they might be checking their emails or looking at social media during late night feeding times. But the window might be 10-15 minutes so your emails or podcast episodes or videos should be shorter than that.  

4. What’s your ideal client’s favorite way to consume content?

Not everyone consumes the content same way. Some people love listening to podcasts, others love watching videos, some (like yours truly) like to read stuff. You need to know how your clients are consuming content to ensure that you have the right mix of platforms to reach them.

Example, if your clients despise videos then a 5 part video series is not the right opt-in for them, even though you might have put in a lot of effort into them. 

5. What’s their edutainment quotient?

If you want your ideal clients to stay engaged, click through and take action through your funnel, it needs a spark of personality, an X factor which helps your content to stand out. Creating content that educates and also entertains your clients (edutainment) is what will help you get that extra edge.

Example, if you know that your clients love memes and gifs then use them in your content subtly. If they like old Hollywood movies then use quotes from classics in your copy. Simply put, add a little zing!  

Raring to start creating your own customer journey and funnels? Let’s talk!

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Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

Spam is ugly! We believe in privacy!