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TFC 000: Welcome to the Fearless Creators Podcast


Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

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Being Fearless is not about a lack of fear, it’s about being afraid and still going out of your comfort zone to do the things that really matter to you. And no one knows more about fear and being fearless than Creators.

Creators love to create. Whether it is a product that makes someone’s life better, a service that helps someone’s business, a course that makes something complicated really simple, an app that makes someone’s day easier or a piece of art that just makes everyone smile.

Welcome to the Fearless Creators Podcast.

I am your host Swapna Thomas and with this show I will bring you a dose of inspiration and practical advice on using Content Marketing to take your business to the next level.

This is the first episode of this podcast and in this episode I want to share what this podcast is all about and who it’s for. I also want to tell you about me, my background and why the heck am I even podcasting! So let’s get into it, shall we?

First off, why this podcast.

Creators create value, impact, money, jobs and more. And online creators do all of this from behind a laptop and do it really well when they leverage Content marketing in their business. Seriously, content is the bloodline of any online business and implementing a strategic content marketing plan can really accelerate your business growth.

But when I look at the content marketing advice and tips out there, most of it is heavily jargonised and unnecessarily complicated. Creating content and marketing can also bring up a lot of fears about worthiness, authenticity, visibility, criticism etc.

That is why I wanted to create a podcast where I could get together with niche experts  and successful entrepreneurs to break down Content Strategy and Online Marketing into strategies and tactics that you can replicate in your business without any fear.

Yes, Content marketing strategies you can actually use.

Now you might want to know why am I so hung up on Content Marketing. So let me tell you

5 reasons Content Marketing can be a game changer for your small business.

1. You get to stand up for your message and stand out in the crowd

I believe that each and everyone of us has a message! A message that we are passionate and can get #ranty about! A message that the world deserves to hear and more importantly, a message that our tribe or community, really NEEDS!

Content is the BEST way for you to STAND UP for your message and get it out there in the world and create an impact. Because each piece of content has your unique spin and distinct flavour, you are able to stand above the noise no matter how crowded your niche.
2. You get to be seen as an expert

It doesn’t matter if you started your business today or 10 years ago, with content as your superpower you can create authority in a short time.Content helps you create that X factor also known as the Know, Like and Trust (KLT) with your audience because every piece of content you create adds value to your audience’s life.

3. You save money
If you have been putting all your eggs in the basket that Social media is (FB, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram), then you know that organic reach is dying and being replaced with paid algorithms, ads, priority visibility etc. Bonus: You DON’T own any of the content you create on these platforms, they do. Content on your own website is your own and costs way less than any of the social media platforms.

4. You get more traffic i.e. leads i.e. potential customers

Competing with the big businesses who can spend $$$$ in marketing and advertising is not your style. So what do you do? Creating content that resonates with your audience will help you attract a lot more potential clients without dropping a lot of moolah.

Not convinced? Let’s talk some numbers shall we?

* Inbound marketing (example blogs) delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound marketing (example ads)
* 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and are more likely to buy from that company
* 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads

Now you might tell me that even content marketers have to rely on Facebook ads and such to get more traffic to their content. Point taken. But it’s also well documented fact that ads that lead people to a piece of valuable content is far more likely to convert cold traffic into warm prospects and then buyers than if you were to take them to a sales page.

5. You stay sharp

Remember how Stephen Covey talks about sharpening your saw in the 7 Habits of highly successful people? Creating consistent content forces you to research, think and dig deep into your own skills, beliefs and business. It will make you stay on top of the trends in your industry and share your opinions and ideas about them.

So I hope I have made you a content convert and you are ready to hear more about how you can use content marketing in your business. That’s coming in the future episodes.

But before we go any further let me make 3 promises to you:

1. Zero BS. I despise it when fluff is packaged with glittery, shiny but meaningless words.
2. Everything we talk about in this podcast will be actionable, marketable and profitable. Because otherwise, why bother!
3. The buck doesn’t stop here. Yes, this podcast will deliver tons of value but I will also create a lot of other content on my blog, newsletters, content upgrades and more to help you stay on the mark with your content strategy.
So let’s talk about the podcast a little bit more, right now this podcast will be a fortnightly show and will have 2 Types of episodes

A Mini-Sode
A short but punchy solo episode where I will talk about how you can use an aspect of Content Marketing in your business. No fluff here. Just to the point, highly actionable and practical ways to take your business to the next level. I am passionate about breaking down complex, tangled and big picture concepts and goals and into easy, effortless tasks and consistent actions. I am also planning a series of theme based episodes to give you as much value as I can.

The FounderStory
In this segment I will talk to an inspiring online entrepreneur about their business, the origin story, the lessons and takeaways from their adventures into fearlessness. Together, we will also unpack a Content Marketing concept that I believe they have leveraged beautifully and break it down into implementable strategies for you, our wonderful listeners.

Now, if this is our first virtual meeting then this is the perfect opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a business mentor to online bravehearts who want to learn how to market their message with fun and fearless content.

I live in India and run a global business from my small home office. I am an MBA in Marketing and I worked in a corporate think tank for years before I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom to my little girl. Motherhood actually gave my career a new lease of life as a Mommy blogger and I became a nationally awarded blogger and one of the first professional mommy bloggers in India.

But there’s no rest for the wicked and I knew that it was time to shift from mommy blogging and all my education, experience and the knowledge I had gained in Internet Marketing needed to serve others and that’s why I started online business mentoring. I am also an ICF certified business coach.

In my personal life, I am wife to my high school sweetheart who is a doctor turned entrepreneur. And yes, we constantly argue about the mars and venus way of doing business. We have an 8 year old daughter who is the light of our life and one of the big reasons for me to walk the path of entrepreneurship is to show her that anything is possible.

In fact my little future fearless creator is also a big why for this podcast. That’s all about me. But this podcast is about you.

Helping you create content that makes an impact, markets your message and grows your business.

So my brave, beautiful, fierce and fearless creators, let’s start the process of creating, marketing and profiting with our content. You already have everything you need for success. Let’s start this show!


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Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

Spam is ugly! We believe in privacy!