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TFC 005: 5 Reasons Your Coaching Business Needs A Sales Funnel


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How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

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If you dabble with online marketing yet you are not really a marketer, funnels seem to be like the mythical creatures of some alien culture, which possess boundless, magical superpowers but it can take facing dangerous obstacles and solving mind bending puzzles to tame them.

Yes, funnels have a reputation.

And as a coach you might have seen the word being thrown around and wondered if you really really need one.

Thankfully deciding if you need a funnel is not so complicated. Here’s what I think. If you find yourself spending more time, energy and focus on bringing in new clients than serving your current ones, then you need a sales funnel.

Hey, I totally understand your paranoia around funnels because the snake oil peddling internet marketers have made funnels look like an antithesis to everything a creative, value based and a human oriented business stands for. These funnels can be sneaky, mechanical, manipulative and salesy. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Funnels can also be helpful, come from a place of service and actually fun.

This is why I want to talk to you about why your coaching service can truly benefit from a funnel.

Your Coaching Business Needs A Sales Funnel

First Let’s begin by talking about what a funnel really is.

Simply put it’s a series of steps that take your ideal client on a journey where they get to know, like, trust you and eventually buy from you.

There can be many kinds of funnels. A launch funnel, a welcome funnel, a webinar funnel, an affiliate funnel and so many more.

But the one we are talking about and the one most relevant to your coaching business is an Evergreen Funnel.

This kind of a funnel is a marketing flow or a customer journey process which introduces your customers to an evergreen product or service that is available throughout the year and you add new people to the funnel on an ongoing basis.

There are 7 Steps to creating an evergreen sales funnel for your coaching business.

1. Research : Get really clear and super specific about your ideal clients. Your products or services need to be the bridge between the dreads and desires of your audience. Unless you nail this part down, your funnel will feel like a well oiled piece of machinery but lacking a soul.

2. Content : Create a blog post or a podcast or a vlog that talks about your customer’s biggest problem and shows them a roadmap to solve it.

3. Free Offer : Provide a simple but effective freebie to your customers that solves a part of their biggest problem. They will be giving you their email address in lieu of your freebie, so make your freebie as good as a paid product.

4. Intro Offer : Offer them a valuable intro offer that is an easy yes for the customer, gives them another taste of your skills and gets them used to buying from you.

5. Nurture : Send a well crafted sequence of emails which provides more helpful content and establishes your authority while moving them ahead in the customer journey.

6. Main offer : Present them with your evergreen product or service which will help them solve their specific problem.

7. Growth : Create a content strategy to keep introducing new qualified traffic to your funnel.

Now that I shown you what a funnel looks like, let me talk about why your coaching business needs one.




1. You get to work “on” your business and not just in it.

If you are spending all your time trying to attract new clients and serving the current ones, you will never have time to plan a growth strategy to scale your business. That can mean staying at the same income level for months or even years.

Creating a signature course or a premium service or writing that bestselling book that will open all kinds of doors for you, takes time. Having a funnel in place means that you don’t have to scramble for clients all the time and you can actually be more strategic about your business.

2. You establish expertise and authority quickly (even with a new audience).

You obviously want to keep getting new clients but meeting a prospective customer for the first time and straight up pitching them is like meeting someone new at a party and insisting them to go out on a date right away. Creepy and off-putting.

But a funnel especially a content based funnel increases your know, like and trust factor and helps your audience move ahead to a place where they are not just ready to buy from you, they also believe that you are THE expert who can actually solve their specific problem. Win-win!

3. You break out of the feast and famine cycle

Your funnel is constantly bringing new leads that are not just your ideal clients but also actively interested and attracted to your offer because of the value based journey you laid out for them. So no more popping antacids to calm your ‘anxious about where the next client is coming from’ tummy.

4. You put your content to work for you

Creating content for your coaching business is important but what’s more important is that this content keeps working for you weeks or even months after it was first published. Creating a planned funnel ensures that the brilliant content that you created after hours of research and ideation, doesn’t go wasted. This means content creation is no longer a chore but actually fun and profitable.

5. You get to serve your clients every step of the way

Each and every step of your funnel is solving a problem and helping your clients in some way. So you never have to feel icky or sleazy about making an offer because by the time you get to the point where you make an ask, you have already given so much that it doesn’t feel like a hard sell at all but more like a natural next step.

So! Are you ready to create your first funnel? Let me make it super simple for you! I have created a free sales funnel planner that gives you the roadmap to designing an evergreen funnel in four distinct phases. You can get instant access to the Sales Funnel Planner below!


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Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

Spam is ugly! We believe in privacy!