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Facebook Content Planning With Trello

How to plan, create and schedule 60 Facebook Posts In Under 3 Hours using Trello

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What if you didn’t have to live in a world of marketing mystery anymore.

What if you could take the guesswork out of creating content that wows your audience.

What if you could get access to strategies, step-by-step methods and all the hacks that marketers only hint about.


Hi! I am Swapna, content alchemist to fearless creators. I will be your friend, confidante and mentor on your journey to create epic content that actually feels fun. I will show you how to

• stand out in a noisy online world. I will tell you not just how to be a “purple cow” but also show you where to find the paint.

• craft content that captures readers’ minds and converts them into loyal clients. No more downloading 358391 freebies to create a content plan.

• nail your messaging, boost your conversions and unstuck your business growth. Yeah you can call me the Hermione Granger of Content (let’s be honest, she was the real hero)



Inspiration Meets Implementation


You are tired of the motivating spiel that creates a feel-good business high for about 20 minutes before you land on the ground with the sad reality of still having no clue as to how this stuff really works. You can have both! The mindset to create content with ease, consistency and no burn out as well the meat and potatoes of how to get each task done.


Theory Meets Tactics


I don’t throw theory at you with a limp wrist. I share plenty of content marketing goodness that wins over your clients hearts (and wallets) BUT I also back it up with ninja level tactics that will leave your competitors’ scratching their heads.


Structure Meets Simplicity


Systems are what lead to consistent and compelling content. But they should never overwhelm you, the content creator. This is why I break down complicated concepts into bite sized actionable tasks.


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What they are saying

After just one session, I had it all mapped out. After TWO sessions I had a gorgeous process that worked for me. I am excited to get stuck into recording blogs, periscopes, sharing my message again-because I can see how it all fits together, and I am already seeing a change in the way my business is viewed.

Natasha Corbin, Business Mentor at

After working with Swapna I have a clear and detailed 3-month plan of launch and content marketing. Focus on your own genius and talents and let her help you with the marketing strategy. You will be thankful you did. My best investment so far!

Saule Atantay, Feminine Leadership Mentor at

Swapna took my kernels of ideas and turned them into fully blown strategies and action plans, so I had a map to implement that was not only game-changing for my reach and results, it was fun to put in place!

Katie Wyatt, Podcasting Strategist at